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Our retreats are designed to challenge you with adventure trail running and a health and fitness timetable. Our aim and focus is to help you become healthier, fitter and overall improve your performance, whatever your health and fitness goal is through spectacular adventure

Our participants have a positive attitude, a desire to explore new environments and challenge themselves – all in the company of encouraging and like-minded people.

In order for you to get the most out of your week with us, we ask that you ensure you have a good fitness level before attending. We expect that running on mountain trails may be newer to you and before you travel we will be helping you prepare for the week via a series of focussed training plans.

So you are prepared we advise that you practice running off-road on different trials, terrains as well as increasing your weekly and monthly elevation on runs. If you have access try trekking and trail running in high terrains, (Where possible)

Ascending (Going Up) and Descending (Going Down) We would advise that you practice going up trail paths as well as going down. Going down can sometimes be harder than going up so practicing this will really help you prepare for the alps. Dont worry you do not have to be a pro by all means and our guides will also help you with this on the week with techniques and tips.

Our retreat weeks include hill training, group fitness classes, stretching, pilates, a chance to get into a glacial plunge pool, mountain trails (Low and higher levels), with an opportunity to run across the border into Switzerland and an amazing trip to Italy as one of the options. There will be time to visit local landmarks too, such as the highest cable car in France, which takes you up to 3842m to the Aiguille de Midi and a chance to wander the quaint streets of Courmayeur, Italy. Back at base, you can relax after a busy day and make the most of the jacuzzis, take a dip in the pool or visit the onsite Sauna and Hammam.

Our staff are the best in their field, with highly qualified, local mountain guides, leaders and fitness trainers.

What are some of the key results and outcomes from our retreats?:

  • Improve your overall health
  • Improve your running time and endurance
  • Challenge your body and your mind
  • Improve oxygen levels via altitude training
  • Help reduce stress from everyday life events and have an opportunity for some self care
  • Reduce screen time
  • Improve your mental strength
  • Improve recovery time

So, do you want to explore the French Alps and run in the shadow of Mont Blanc while becoming a fitter, faster, stronger you!? Then this is the retreat for you!

What is the booking process?

  1. Complete our register interest form HERE.
  2. We will send you an email asking you to complete a booking form and a health form and also to select your retreat package.
  3. After completing the booking and health forms, you will be asked to pay your deposit via the website.
  4. You’ll receive an email receipt from us confirming payment of your deposit and information on when your final balance is due.
  5. You will be added to our participants list and receive our training plans to help you prepare for the retreat.

Mountain Trials In Italy with views of the Italian, Swiss and French Alps

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