The need for speed….

Do you want to run a PB? Are you struggling to increase your speed? No matter what pace, we want to help you become “Faster” and in doing so, improve your overall fitness. To sustain a faster pace, you need to do more than just go out and run as fast as you can every time you have the chance. Planning, preparation and rest are extremely important. Short runs, long slow runs, hills, off-road, the right trainers, your run style, sleep, diet and food prep can all aid you with improving your times and goals.  

Over the retreat week, we can help you with advice and guidance to improve running techniques and provide you with the tools to help you run faster over both short and long distances. The smallest of changes can often bring the best results. 

Having an opportunity to run every day and push yourself on new terrain at varying altitudes in an amazing location such as the Alps will naturally help with speed and endurance, with noticeable results when you get back to home.

Bring on those ‘Strava segments’ !

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