Preparation and Conditioning

In order to make sure you get the most out of the retreat, it’s essential that you ensure you come prepared and in the best shape possible. We can help you do this!

Leg strength

You may or may not be used to hills, but you cannot escape them in the Alps! With a wide mix of terrain, you will need balance and strength in your ankles.
It is advisable to focus on building leg strength, to help you manage both the up and the down hills.

Example Leg Exercises:

  • Squats (add weights)
  • Lunges
  • Jack jumps

Agility – balance and core

Very few people have a backyard like the Alps and therefore rarely experience such dramatic and varying terrain. If possible, practicing off-road and trail running in different terrains is advisable to get used to running round / over objects, uneven surfaces and natural obstacles!
However, if this isn’t possible, don’t worry, we will send out workout plans and videos to help you to prepare for your retreat week.

Some suggestions below:

  • Single Leg Squats/ Split Squat
  • Single leg balance
  • Step up with high knee raise
  • Ladders drip
  • Running over small hurdles
  • Plank/ Leg Raises/ Bridge

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